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41. Leaving 9/29/2011
42. Absence 9/29/2011
43. Empty 9/29/2011
44. Notes Toward A Definition Of I 9/29/2011
45. Haiku 9/29/2011
46. Sonnet On A Theme Of Villon 9/29/2011
47. Callimachus: Credo (From The Greek) 9/29/2011
48. She Is 9/29/2011
49. Twelve Arguments For The Existence Of The Soul 9/29/2011
50. Booby Prize 9/29/2011
51. Life 9/29/2011
52. On A Radical Professor 9/29/2011
53. Temperance 9/29/2011
54. The Rose (From The Greek Anthology.) 9/29/2011
55. Mirror 11/23/2012
56. Horse 11/23/2012
57. Concrete 11/23/2012
58. Effects 11/23/2012
59. Allotted Span 9/29/2011
60. The Marquis De Sade 9/29/2011
61. Ithaka 8/18/2009
62. Archilochus: The Shield (From The Greek) 9/29/2011
63. Today 9/29/2011
64. Barcelona 11/20/2012
65. Spectrum 11/27/2003
66. Gender Studies 8/31/2007
67. Northern Landscape 12/1/2007
68. Sulpicia: Poems 5/25/2010

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Sulpicia: Poems


Love has come at last, and such a love as I
should be more shamed to hide than to reveal.
Cytherea, yielding to my Muse’s prayers,
has brought him here and laid him in my arms.
Venus has kept her promise. Let people talk, who never
themselves have found such joys as now are mine.
I wish that I could send my tablets to my love
unsealed, not caring who might read them first.
The sin is sweet, to mask it for fear of shame is bitter.
I’m proud we’ve joined, each worthy of the other.


My hateful birthday’s come, which must be ...

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Excuse Me

excuse me I'm looking for
I can't quite recall the name

but he lives at
oh what was that address

anyway he's about
I'm not really sure

it's strange I can't remember

he's my best friend

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