Jon D'Annunzio

Rookie (June 27th / New York)

Biography of Jon D'Annunzio

I am 14 and I recently found a hidden talent that I can write poems, So I've been told. People ask what is my inspiration but truthfully, I don't know. My mood is a big factor. The poem for my mother was based off the anxiety of mothers day because I didn't get a gift. The poem about love is based off the new found love I found for someone in my life. I wrote 5 poems and already got requests but I cant write them on the spot. I need to be moved emotionally. Hopefully you would like my poems. Updates

My Mother

Her heart is all a flutter,
But she is my mother.

The tree I must climb,
The rock I must move,
The stream I must cross,
She is my mother.

The words I say,

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