Jon Ojala

Rookie (1952)

Jon Ojala Poems

1. A Child's Bath (For My Son Eric) 2/11/2008
2. Remainders 4/18/2008
3. Laurie 5/1/2008
4. Insha'Allah 5/20/2008
5. Thirteen 7/1/2008
6. Falling Into Eternity 7/21/2008
7. The Last Milestone 8/25/2008
8. That Place Within 10/13/2008
9. My Sister Sandra 10/18/2008
10. The Gift 1/1/2009
11. The Ambiguity Of Silence 1/7/2009
12. Restoring Innocence 1/13/2009
13. Only A Memory Now 2/2/2008
14. Kate's Hummingbird 2/8/2009
15. The Transition 3/25/2009
16. From A Grateful Nation.......... 4/4/2009
17. Absence Of Malice 10/27/2009
18. The Revenge Of The Armenian Transvestites 11/8/2009
19. Fortunes Of War 11/21/2009
20. Leaving Jennifer 6/22/2010
21. Ripples 12/15/2007
22. Norma 2/14/2009
23. A Veteran's Farewell 2/6/2008
24. The Refiner's Fire 1/28/2009
Best Poem of Jon Ojala

The Refiner's Fire

The Master Swordsmith starts
with a dull, jagged lump of steel.
He heats it in a forge until it glows bright red.
Then he hammers it on the anvil,
slowly shaping the metal,
always keeping in mind the final outcome.
Repeating the process slowly, over and over,
heating, hammering, shaping, cooling,
slowly, over and over again he repeats the steps,
until the lump of steel is gradually transformed
into a thing of exquisite beauty.
So it is also with our individual character;
how we respond to the trials of life
ultimately determines who we are.
We ...

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Little newborn
child of promise.
born under the Covenant,
tightly wrapped in white,
longed for,
our firstborn.
Cradling you in my arms for the first time,
you stare up at me with tiny, brilliant,
unfocused trusting eyes,

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