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I was born under the constellation of Aires, at 4years old I burnt down the family home where my Dad had to fight the neighbours to come and rescue my sister and me from the inferno, I grew up and spent my teens and twenty's surfing the globe got married at 31 had baby girl (my wife did) and now we are separated, and maybe my poems can tell some of this story. But I have found poetry during these terrible times and it has helped ease the pain and given me the strength to carry on and fight for the welfare of the most beautiful creation in the universe my Daughter Updates

I Won'T

I won't rest
My fear is creeping

I won't hope
Till I know your sleeping

I won't breathe
While your soul is shaking

My grief returns
When I know your waking

I won't smile
Before your held in my arms

I won't sleep
Till your safe from all harm

Your my Daughter

I Won't Rest

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