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alright. i am not new to the community. well.. i am in the sense it has taken me a year to rejoin. i have matured since. i am not perfect. i do spin alot of crap. i dont think when i write. i just do it. so if its bad. its the fault of my self concious. i am not the suicidal type. i am happy. i cant fix your problems. im sorry. but i would love to hear from you. message. comment. i will return the favor.

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im not that cool silly! Updates


raindrops bounce like rockets flaring.
fire dances round your feet, the fleeting moths retire
some days you hide your face in anger, fury, rage, desire
but never once forget the way we danced in waves of fire.
the oceans never cease but heave on in pursuit
we all learned our strategy from pools of frost and dew.
but yet i wish to know the way the land withstood the truth
it breaks away and renders ways to use the mighty moon.
we all learned our strategy from fiery pools of dew.

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