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alright. i am not new to the community. well.. i am in the sense it has taken me a year to rejoin. i have matured since. i am not perfect. i do spin alot of crap. i dont think when i write. i just do it. so if its bad. its the fault of my self concious. i am not the suicidal type. i am happy. i cant fix your problems. im sorry. but i would love to hear from you. message. comment. i will return the favor.

Jona'e Levett's Works:

im not that cool silly! Updates

Numb Conformity

Bend me. Flex me. Style me. Mold me.
i am Plaster, i am Clay
Feed me words.
i will eat them.
tell me Lies.
ill belive them.
my oppinions arnt my own.
Stifel them. End them.
i dont need my own ideals
ill Conform.

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