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1. Crown Of Tweed. 5/11/2009
2. The Common Royalty. 5/11/2009
3. Untouchable. 5/11/2009
4. Plums. 5/11/2009
5. Servants Needed! Apply Within. 5/11/2009
6. Alien Thoughts. 5/14/2009
7. Best Ride Of My Life. 5/14/2009
8. Age Of Consent. 5/14/2009
9. Fur! ...Coff! 5/14/2009
10. Just A Sip, Mind! 5/14/2009
11. T.R.I.B.U.T.E.T.O.R.A.B.B.Y. 5/10/2009
12. Turn! 5/10/2009
13. Honestly! 5/10/2009
14. All The Rage! 5/10/2009
15. Signature! 5/10/2009
16. Crazy Angels And Cowboys. 5/11/2009
17. The Rebel'Master! ' 5/11/2009

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The Rebel'Master! '

* sonnet

He was just a new type rebel with a bursting horror filled yell.
'Peace! '...even the strong and mighty feared his vision of hell.
His voice and opinions were contested by dominative man.
Their only chance of redemption against the crimelords plans.
Onwards he struggled through the battles, with nothing but words!
Honour your God! be humble! and your commitals will be heard.
The irons! and wooden stakes! castles! cities! countries galore!
Barons made the same mistake, defying the Diety, by seeking more!
Using Gods nurtured metals as weapons, by hammer...

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All The Rage!

Whats all them kids doing on them streets?
Mostly from families on social security meats.
Annoying good old folk with skint praying knees.
From the honky tonk followers of the breaches of the peace!
Kickin up a tin can or worse if a sing song!
Like laughing hyenas upsetting the madonnas.
So build addict islands plugged into the pylons! ?
Staff it with missions of puritan divisions.! ?
Let them loose on the reality house!

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