Jonas Blueford

Rookie - 65 Points (9/ 19/ 1997 / milwaukee)

Biography of Jonas Blueford

Jonas Blueford was born on September 19 1997 in Milwaukee Wisconsin at Josephs hospital.his father left when he was ten and never returned. he was a good father till that point. he soon got remarried and moved away to Texas this inspired Jonas to write because, he was taught as a young boy to write his feelings out on paper. so growing up writing came easy to the summer of 09 Jonas and took in another form of writing called poetry in which he begain to write numerous types of poems. Updates

Heart Monitor

Heart monitor...

When god made you he created a queen.
Beauty was far from what i was envisioning
What i saw was exquisite,
Because you were the star of my eye.
the point of my finger
the beat of my heart
and an angel none the less.

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