Jonathan Drane

Rookie (Lautoka Fiji)

Biography of Jonathan Drane

Jonathan Drane is an award winning Australian non-fiction writer and poet. His personal works concentrate on manhood, and his life experiences as a father, son and husband.

Although Jonathan started writing poetry at the age of 12, his works remained hidden until he was 50 years old.

Events in his own life triggered an epiphany in his 40's, which led to a spiritual journey, and the creation of life stories which we can all relate to.

His autobiographical works provide searing accounts of how he sought the truth within his own life, and his own escape from depression, which he traced to an event in his early childhood.

His poetic works include mystical stories to verse which mirror the human condition, such as 'The Curlew Song' and ' The Viking Ship'.

To read Jonathan's work is to face your own life head on. We welcome you to the challenge and the magic of seeking the truth in your own life.. whatever that is.

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Jonathan Drane's Works:

-The Way of a Thousand Arrows - A family's journey through the Camino de Santiago

-The Curlew Song
-The Viking Ship Updates

The Island Call

Space between, the isle and me
Ocean stretch and green, green sea
But once I walked upon its shore
And breathed the tropic air

Business suit and black, black shoes
Hotel room and finance news
The island’s calling out to me
And whispers of the flow

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