Jonathan Leong

Rookie (Honolulu)

Biography of Jonathan Leong

Daring, humble, and bold am I
Born to God until I die
I love to walk but wish to fly
I fear the darkness of the night sky
I am proud to be able to ask why
I used to live in Honolulu, HI

Signatuer: 'My soul is ember, my words are gold
I speak with thunder, of all is told.'
-Jonathan G.M. Leong

Jonathan Leong's Works:

Current Project:
246 page science ficttion novel

Progress- Introductory & 1st chapter completed. Currently working on 2nd chapter.


Sumarry- PRIVATE

Date started- 1/24/10 Updates


The force that never lets go
The power to choose which way to flow
The planted soil in our brain
The past, present, and future lane
Everyone can see our mood
This is our attitude

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