Jonathan Pendley

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Biography of Jonathan Pendley

I wrote most of my poems after my split up with my ex-wife, I write mostly in the hard times in my life and about the hard times in my life. If I write about it I went through it.

I am 27 live in Albuquerque, NM. I started writing back in high school just never published them anywhere and would like to but cannot find those poems. I write every now and then and as I write I put them up here.

I believe poems are a good way to express feelings, and I don't stick to the 'traditional' way of writing as one may call it.

I believe poems are an expression of how one feels and how they should be written as such, I do have a style of writing that I like to keep standard on all of my poems but some poems just can't be written like other ones. Hope you like my poems please leave comments as to what you think. And if you haven't download my e-book. Updates

This Feeling

I have this feeling deep down in side
I have this feeling that is so hard to hide
This feeling I have hurts me every day
Its feels that you are no one cares
The one I thought cared about me doesn’t
All they do is hide
This feeling I have won’t let me cry
This feeling that I have is tearing me apart

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