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Jonathan ROBIN Poems

2321. Whole Soul Down Coal Hole 7/14/2013
2322. Who'Ll Say Imagination Fails? 0939 7/5/2012
2323. Why Care? 6/20/2013
2324. Why Should Meek Clique Monopolize Attention? 8/27/2013
2325. Why Wait For Fate To Raise A Finger 2/24/2014
2326. Why Will The Girls Refuse? After Thomas Haynes Bayly Why Will The Men Propose? And Christopher Pulling Why Don'T The Men Propose? 8/5/2006
2327. Wild Bees 7/8/2013
2328. Wilde Lady’s Cousin 7/9/2013
2329. Will Anybody Care? 5/7/2013
2330. Will The Phoenix? 12/22/2006
2331. Wings 11/26/2006
2332. Wings - 1290 - Initial Version 4/16/2012
2333. Wings Unshuttered 8/30/2013
2334. Winter Dance Ukraine Train Trip Lughansk 1/12/2013
2335. Wise Epic Can'T Untruss Epicanthus Eyes Thus 9/6/2013
2336. Wishful Thinking A Premature Soviet Farewell To Solidarnosc After William Shakespeare The Tempest - Prospero's Farewell To His Magic 9/10/2013
2337. Wistful Grief 9/10/2013
2338. Within Each Mind 5/2/2007
2339. Woe To Be [h]old 10/21/2006
2340. Wonder 12/7/2006
2341. Wor[l]d Discovery 5/2/2007
2342. Word World Images 1/30/2012
2343. Words' Whirled World Twirl Swirls Through Shadowy Embrace 9/6/2013
2344. Words Woven - Parody Mary Beuley - Words Woven 11/10/2006
2345. Work In Progress 7/6/2013
2346. World Word Canvas 9/10/2013
2347. Writers' Real Mirror Reflection Reel 1294 With All Due Acknowledgement To Rudyard Kipling If Current Version 4/21/2013
2348. Wrong Turning 10/16/2006
2349. Wry Rise Fall Call Chance Think Link Dance 1/4/2013
2350. Yann Lester: 24th April 1996 10/26/2006
2351. Yarn 11/26/2006
2352. Yellowstone Caldera 8/30/2013
2353. Yggdrasil 6/13/2013
2354. Yokohama Go Game 12/11/2006
2355. You Are Bold Mother Jillian - Parody Robert Southey, Lewis Carroll 8/5/2006
2356. Your Eyes 5/26/2013
2357. Zhanna Ruban 1/10/2013
2358. Zoo Blues - Parody T.S. Eliot Macavity 10/9/2008
2359. Zusammen 5/29/2013
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My Familiar Dream - Translations Paul Verlaine – Mon Rêve Familier

I often have some strange and striking dreams
about an unknown girl, of love we share,
each time the same, each time a different air
about her swirls, who understands it seems.

She loves and understands me, from her beams
a crystal pure dismissing strife and care.
She, only, eases heart-ache and despair,
soothing pain with tears’ refreshing streams.

She’s blond, brunette, reflecting russet gleams?
I know not, nor her name and voice though fair
and sounding-soft if feels, far off I swear,
like loved ones Life has banished from its schemes.

A ...

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Hong Kong

Spinning criss cross patterns as they post across the harbour,
spray kissing, barely miss each other, business to the fore,
the junks and ferries seem such toys when seen from seventh floor
or stateroom on the seventeenth, but does it matter any more?

Does it matter, for the room is insulated from outside,
from heat and from humidity, from differences too wide
in wealth and wisdom where the West unwelcome is as bride,
though brides are taken for a time, who doweries provide.

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