Jonathan ROBIN

Freshman - 581 Points (22 September / London)

Jonathan ROBIN Poems

1681. Full Fill Meant 5/31/2013
1682. Promise Sing Response 5/31/2013
1683. Living Lie 5/31/2013
1684. Mutating Musings 5/31/2013
1685. The Mobile Passee After Arthur Clement Hilton – The Heathen Passee Bret Harte – The Heathen Chinee And Algernon Swinburne Atalanta 9/4/2013
1686. Us May You Me Replace Maude C 9/4/2013
1687. Though Winds May Blow 9/4/2013
1688. Tablet 9/4/2013
1689. Poetic Standard 9/4/2013
1690. Ph Bug Undeleted Poem 1 5/29/2013
1691. Zusammen 5/29/2013
1692. Greed In A Pretty Pickle 5/29/2013
1693. Rescued Or Rest Cued To Sum Of Some Summer Siren? 5/28/2013
1694. Watershed Hopes Fed 5/28/2013
1695. Cusps 9/5/2013
1696. Cusps Converge 9/5/2013
1697. Unsure Cynosure 9/5/2013
1698. Slack Time Lacks Time 9/5/2013
1699. On Wishful Thinking 9/5/2013
1700. Antiperistasis 9/6/2013
1701. I Choose You After William Shakespeare Sonnet Cvii 9/6/2013
1702. Ecstatic Repassage To M C 9/6/2013
1703. Pandora's Box Unlocks 9/6/2013
1704. Ph Bug Undeletable Poem Text Replaced 18 5/26/2013
1705. Time In In Time - Triple Timing Pantomiming Ripple Rhyme 5/26/2013
1706. Your Eyes 5/26/2013
1707. Of Comfort Let No Man Speak 9/6/2013
1708. No Liberty Can Bloom Where Doomsday Few Enshroud 9/6/2013
1709. Another Way To Write 9/6/2013
1710. Modus Vivendi M C 9/6/2013
1711. I, Humble Poet After Ralph Waldo Emerson I, Alonso 9/6/2013
1712. Stitch In Time Out 9/6/2013
1713. Wise Epic Can'T Untruss Epicanthus Eyes Thus 9/6/2013
1714. He Rallies After Odori She Dallies 9/6/2013
1715. The Dems And Republicans At Sea After Leery Big Oil, B.P. Pushy Cat 9/6/2013
1716. Words' Whirled World Twirl Swirls Through Shadowy Embrace 9/6/2013
1717. Unwinnowed Willow 9/6/2013
1718. A Time Will Come 9/7/2013
1719. Above Beyond 9/7/2013
1720. Bell's Palsy Sonnet Crown Frown 9/7/2013

Comments about Jonathan ROBIN

  • M M (1/10/2012 6:25:00 AM)

    A very talented poet, whose poems are always beautifully penned, not only through the choice of the words (mostly far beyond relevance) , but also through the thoughts these poems carry... and the sense of humour.
    Some of these pieces can be considered as masterpieces.

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    13 person did not like.
  • Jack Sprat (1/5/2012 3:18:00 PM)

    It is not surprising to find Jonathan Robin among the top hundred most popular poets on Poemhunter... and apparently he has also 10 poems ranked in the top 20 out of 4 million on allpoetry. Looking at his biography one is surprised that he finds time to write in such a diversity of traditional styles on so many subjects, both contemporary and classical. One is confused by the number of poems nominally on poemhunter - less than 1400 compared to more than two thousand in his poetry book apparently available for download. As written in one of the comments below 'This gent has experimented with every possible poetic medium out there and with exceptional results.' - one can only agree and applaud.

  • p.a. noushad p.a. noushad (4/4/2009 1:28:00 AM)

    deep within i find a perfect blending of matter and manner, beautiful poems.

  • M S (12/14/2006 4:13:00 PM)

    There are plenty of gems scattered through this vast poetic field. This gent has experimented with every possible poetic medium out there and with exceptional results. I have found myself skipping through the long-winded verbosities and brain-teasing acrostics, but got cought on the more personable social commentaries and those that were rooted in personal experiences. But then again, chaqun a son gout. Spin the wheel and see where chance will land you, chances are you won't be disappointed.

Best Poem of Jonathan ROBIN

It Rains In My Heart - Translation Paul Verlaine – Il Pleure Dans Mon Coeur

It rains in my heart
as on town and on mart,
pours down longings that start
to reign in my heart!

Oh soft ringing of rain
poured on earth, eave and pane,
for poor heart feeling pain,
oh the ringing of rain!

It rains without reason
in hurt heart fears have lease on.
What? - no season for treason?
Do I grieve without reason?

What most hurts me, I wait
‘Why’ not knowing, sad fate,
without love, without hate,
On my heart lies deadweight!

Il pleure dans mon coeur
Comme il pleut sur la ville.
Quelle est cette ...

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Unchained, the hunter’s urge to roam
filters through chained chromosome.
Survival’s path, the fittest way,
is handed down by D.N.A.

Thus genius, in every gene,
regenerates through Nature’s screen, -

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