Jonathan ROBIN

Freshman - 581 Points (22 September / London)

Jonathan ROBIN Poems

321. Fresh Dimensions 8/5/2006
322. Insufficient Unto Life's Book Are Isolated Leaves Thereof 2/14/2010
323. Flow Need Not 'Know' 2/16/2010
324. Enlightenment 2/16/2010
325. Hieroglyphic Beguile Meant 2/20/2010
326. Draw A Trait 2/23/2010
327. Be At! Abet- Or Beat A Bet? 1/18/2010
328. Justify Ably Untitled Parody On Arctic Flow Wears Complicity 1/22/2010
329. Epigram On Dido 8/5/2006
330. Fiat Lux 8/5/2006
331. Testing Times For Sonnet Rhymes 8/5/2006
332. The Joys Of Waking After S.T. Coleridge The Pains Of Sleep 8/5/2006
333. The Shadowed After William Carlos Williams - The Shadow 8/5/2006
334. The Spring Market’s Worn - Or - 'sell In May And Go Away' 8/5/2006
335. Thread Tomorrow's Ties Acrostic 8/5/2006
336. Transience V 8/5/2006
337. Talent Tallow Tally 8/5/2006
338. Ubiquity - Sonnet 8/5/2006
339. Va Pour Vapour - Translation Pierre Corneille 8/5/2006
340. Double Bind 10/8/2006
341. R.I.P. 1947 - 201? 10/8/2006
342. What Is Man's Solution? 10/8/2006
343. As Flowers Fade 10/8/2006
344. Online Audience - Acrostic Sonnet 10/8/2006
345. Fair Cop 10/8/2006
346. Damn Spam 10/8/2006
347. The Lake Isle At Election Time After William Butler Yeats The Lake Isle Of Innisfree 10/8/2006
348. Entwood Outpost 10/8/2006
349. Ceneri Scenery - Acrostic Sonnet 10/8/2006
350. Hic Jacet The Balance Of Power - Acrostic Sonnet 10/12/2006
351. Seniority 10/12/2006
352. Above 10/12/2006
353. Elegy On A London Jobber 10/12/2006
354. All In A Hot And Copper Sky 10/12/2006
355. Fisherman 10/12/2006
356. Peace 10/12/2006
357. Time Drops 10/12/2006
358. Gone With The Wind 8/5/2006
359. Perceptions - Sonnet 8/5/2006
360. Ages Of Man 8/5/2006

Comments about Jonathan ROBIN

  • M M (1/10/2012 6:25:00 AM)

    A very talented poet, whose poems are always beautifully penned, not only through the choice of the words (mostly far beyond relevance) , but also through the thoughts these poems carry... and the sense of humour.
    Some of these pieces can be considered as masterpieces.

    124 person liked.
    13 person did not like.
  • Jack Sprat (1/5/2012 3:18:00 PM)

    It is not surprising to find Jonathan Robin among the top hundred most popular poets on Poemhunter... and apparently he has also 10 poems ranked in the top 20 out of 4 million on allpoetry. Looking at his biography one is surprised that he finds time to write in such a diversity of traditional styles on so many subjects, both contemporary and classical. One is confused by the number of poems nominally on poemhunter - less than 1400 compared to more than two thousand in his poetry book apparently available for download. As written in one of the comments below 'This gent has experimented with every possible poetic medium out there and with exceptional results.' - one can only agree and applaud.

  • p.a. noushad p.a. noushad (4/4/2009 1:28:00 AM)

    deep within i find a perfect blending of matter and manner, beautiful poems.

  • M S (12/14/2006 4:13:00 PM)

    There are plenty of gems scattered through this vast poetic field. This gent has experimented with every possible poetic medium out there and with exceptional results. I have found myself skipping through the long-winded verbosities and brain-teasing acrostics, but got cought on the more personable social commentaries and those that were rooted in personal experiences. But then again, chaqun a son gout. Spin the wheel and see where chance will land you, chances are you won't be disappointed.

Best Poem of Jonathan ROBIN

My Familiar Dream - Translations Paul Verlaine – Mon Rêve Familier

I often have some strange and striking dreams
about an unknown girl, of love we share,
each time the same, each time a different air
about her swirls, who understands it seems.

She loves and understands me, from her beams
a crystal pure dismissing strife and care.
She, only, eases heart-ache and despair,
soothing pain with tears’ refreshing streams.

She’s blond, brunette, reflecting russet gleams?
I know not, nor her name and voice though fair
and sounding-soft if feels, far off I swear,
like loved ones Life has banished from its schemes.

A ...

Read the full of My Familiar Dream - Translations Paul Verlaine – Mon Rêve Familier


'Prior, I'm sure you'll agree,
though external beauty,
be but dermal, no higher,
sea sole, fowl from my fryer
prior approval would see,
should assuage thy belly!
Wine, fine spirits as well! '
When his menu he'd sell

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