Jonathan Swift

(30 November 1667 – 19 October 1745 / Dublin)

Jonathan Swift Poems

41. Sid Hamet’s Rod 4/12/2010
42. The Beasts' Confession 4/12/2010
43. The Gulf Of All Human Possessions 4/12/2010
44. Answered Extempore By Dr. Swift 4/12/2010
45. To Stella On Her Birth-Day, 1721-2 4/12/2010
46. On The Posteriors 4/12/2010
47. On Snow 4/12/2010
48. The Fagot 4/12/2010
49. Atlas; Or The Minister Of State 4/12/2010
50. On The Vowels 4/12/2010
51. The Virtues Of Sid Hamet The Magician’s Rod 4/12/2010
52. The Famous Speech-Maker Of England Or Baron (Alias Barren) Lovel’s Charge At The Assizes At Exon, April 5, 1710 4/12/2010
53. Bec’s Birth-Day Nov. 8, 1726 4/12/2010
54. Stella’s Birth-Day.1719-20 4/12/2010
55. To Stella Visiting Me In My Sickness 4/12/2010
56. A Receipt To Restore Stella’s Youth. 1724-5 4/12/2010
57. Oysters 4/12/2010
58. Market Women’s Cries 4/12/2010
59. Fontinella To Florinda 4/12/2010
60. Dingley And Brent 4/12/2010
61. The Revolution At Market-Hill 4/12/2010
62. Verses On The Death Of Dr. Swift, D.S.P.D. 4/12/2010
63. Dean Swift At Sir Arthur Acheson’s In The North Of Ireland 4/12/2010
64. To Lady Carteret 4/12/2010
65. On The Five Senses 4/12/2010
66. To Quilca, A Country-House In No Very Good Repair 4/12/2010
67. To Stella, Who Collected And Transcribed His Poems 4/12/2010
68. Elegy On Partridge 4/12/2010
69. An Excellent New Song Being The Intended Speech Of A Famous Orator Against Peace 4/12/2010
70. The Windsor Prophecy 4/12/2010
71. The Progress Of Marriage 4/12/2010
72. Daphne 4/12/2010
73. Twelve Articles 4/12/2010
74. Ballad 4/12/2010
75. A New Year’s Gift For Bec 4/12/2010
76. On The Gallows 4/12/2010
77. A Panegyric Of The Dean In The Person Of A Lady In The North 4/12/2010
78. Baucis And Philemon 4/12/2010
79. Death And Daphne 4/12/2010
80. On Ink 4/12/2010

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Best Poem of Jonathan Swift

A Beautiful Young Nymph Going To Bed

Corinna, Pride of Drury-Lane,
For whom no Shepherd sighs in vain;
Never did Covent Garden boast
So bright a batter'd, strolling Toast;
No drunken Rake to pick her up,
No Cellar where on Tick to sup;
Returning at the Midnight Hour;
Four Stories climbing to her Bow'r;
Then, seated on a three-legg'd Chair,
Takes off her artificial Hair:
Now, picking out a Crystal Eye,
She wipes it clean, and lays it by.
Her Eye-Brows from a Mouse's Hide,
Stuck on with Art on either Side,
Pulls off with Care, and first displays 'em,
Then in a Play-Book smoothly ...

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A Maypole

Deprived of root, and branch and rind,
Yet flowers I bear of every kind:
And such is my prolific power,
They bloom in less than half an hour;
Yet standers-by may plainly see
They get no nourishment from me.
My head with giddiness goes round,
And yet I firmly stand my ground:
All over naked I am seen,

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