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1. Seraph Septet 7/4/2013
2. Quasi Empire 7/4/2013
3. Memory Of Stars 7/4/2013
4. Raverie Maverie Darling 7/4/2013
5. Hol' Week 7/4/2013
6. My Friend And I 7/4/2013
7. Meet The Native Ends 7/4/2013
8. Wishes On Waters 7/4/2013
9. The March, The Band, Their Brand 7/4/2013
10. Growing Nineteen Years Young 7/6/2013
11. Mirror Showing Byzantine 7/6/2013
12. Benin Walls In China 7/8/2013
13. Savvy Lampoon 7/30/2013
14. Flag For First Ladies 7/30/2013
15. Thick Notes……………. Oh! My Lady 7/30/2013
16. Bells For Belle 7/30/2013
17. Bob’s Your Uncle 7/30/2013
18. Say My Daughter 7/30/2013
19. Speaking With Half A Woman 7/30/2013
20. Drums Sang Away 7/4/2013
21. Holiday Is Calling 7/4/2013
22. Mocking The Clock 7/4/2013
23. Generations 7/30/2013
24. Deep Appreciations 7/30/2013
25. My Beautiful Rose 7/30/2013
26. Body And Soul 7/30/2013
27. River Naught 7/30/2013
28. Quoting An Honest Thief 7/30/2013
29. The Old Boy Network 7/30/2013
30. Lady Claire 7/30/2013
31. Age To Age 7/4/2013
32. Sine Qua Non 7/4/2013
33. Ankara 7/4/2013

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So your beauty may be admired by whomsoever, I make pride off you my very own attire.

Eyes; Indeed amongst the flashing lights on this runway
The buttons I am admiring are of this unique collection on display
Her body seems to fit the silk with perfect embrace
Oh! Africans, always bursting our head, check out that sway she's thrown on stage.

You just forget the audience. Let me one be them in disguise
Offer you a platform to freely express time
I mean; What it has taught you, appreciatively rock forward your style
Hm! Price; let's see, well I have been enticed ...

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Quasi Empire

It’s indeed a world of its own

It’s a room
One for two
How do we manage it?
How do we live our life within?

Not only do we rip……………. In fact
Our styles are perfect, yet way back

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