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JonathanGeorge Edokpayi Poems

1. Seraph Septet 7/4/2013
2. Quasi Empire 7/4/2013
3. Memory Of Stars 7/4/2013
4. Raverie Maverie Darling 7/4/2013
5. Hol' Week 7/4/2013
6. My Friend And I 7/4/2013
7. Meet The Native Ends 7/4/2013
8. Wishes On Waters 7/4/2013
9. The March, The Band, Their Brand 7/4/2013
10. Growing Nineteen Years Young 7/6/2013
11. Mirror Showing Byzantine 7/6/2013
12. Benin Walls In China 7/8/2013
13. Savvy Lampoon 7/30/2013
14. Flag For First Ladies 7/30/2013
15. Thick Notes……………. Oh! My Lady 7/30/2013
16. Bells For Belle 7/30/2013
17. Bob’s Your Uncle 7/30/2013
18. Say My Daughter 7/30/2013
19. Speaking With Half A Woman 7/30/2013
20. Drums Sang Away 7/4/2013
21. Holiday Is Calling 7/4/2013
22. Mocking The Clock 7/4/2013
23. Generations 7/30/2013
24. Deep Appreciations 7/30/2013
25. My Beautiful Rose 7/30/2013
26. Body And Soul 7/30/2013
27. River Naught 7/30/2013
28. Ankara 7/4/2013
29. Quoting An Honest Thief 7/30/2013
30. The Old Boy Network 7/30/2013
31. Lady Claire 7/30/2013
32. Age To Age 7/4/2013
33. Sine Qua Non 7/4/2013
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Sine Qua Non

Very well; if you refuse to let me into your heart, such decisions are never permanent…….. Make the move, and she is all yours.

Finely made talking drums I play
Absent minded as my mind travels away
So by the beat I wonder how this attire will match your dance steps
Yes familiar…….. Not so different from your movement.

But I miss you……………… I miss you so
I feel bashful……….. Very shameful so
Can I come running, begging though
See, if you cannot fit in sexy, I am OK with what makes you cool.

Don’t just slip away from my palms
Cause by you, I make these ...

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Memory Of Stars

So I knew……….. So I loved…………… So I remember

Pending the time of glory
History gradually takes a new story
Records are broken
And paces are set often.

An experience of two
In which came the bad and the good

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