Jone Guo

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Biography of Jone Guo

Jin Zhong (? ?) is the pen name of Jone Guo. He was born in Harbin, China, in 1962. He went to Beijing Foreign Studies University in 1986 as a graduate student majoring in English and American Literature. In 1989, after the Tiananmen Massacre, he went to hide. In 1991, he successfully escaped to the US for political exile. Jin Zhong currently lives in San Diego, California. His works have been published in China, USA, and Europe. He is the translator of Anne Sexton, Brodsky, and Marriane Larsen. He also translates his own poems.

Jin Zhong is also a painter, and healer and therapist.
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The Mill

The mill of dusk has stopped
The water that remains is all black
No matter what it contains

Memory has been ground into fine powder
And collected into some old pottery jars
To feed the animals, those dependents of your life

Solitude has a shell of a certain shape

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