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  • Edwin Drood (12/26/2007 8:14:00 AM)

    Such a stupid writer,
    i am sorry to say,
    His poems are stupid,
    So look the other way.....

    Says emo's poems are good
    and even better than mine,
    Let me tell you all a thing
    My stories shines

    I don't write poems,
    This guy thinks that is my fault,
    Listen i can write anything,
    So shut your mouth up, you little dolt

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Math, Socials and P.E.
Aren't the greatest subjects to me
Math is tough, and the numbers are plenty
And calculators cost a pretty penny
Socials talks about boring old facts
So old I'm surprised the textbooks are in tact
P.E. involves sports that I dislike
And running along the road on the dike
Hopefully this is a poem my teachers won't see

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