Jordan El Reco Davis

Rookie (California)

Biography of Jordan El Reco Davis

Ethnicities- black, white, Indian, Japanese, peurto rican, French, Italian, German, and Hawaiian
A handful there huh?

Who I am- loved by few, and forgotten by many. Tattered with scars and gash's of life since I was a young child. Its a struggle of good and evil everyday I have been living because of all the events that have taken place in my early childhood. But you'll understand once you read some of my poetry. I see myself as a rookie since I have just started. I started poetry to try and get over my depression, bleeding my thoughts and emotions on paper..

I'm always seen as a guardian for people since I'm always doing my best to protect people I care for, and protect people who care for me.. Ever since my life hit a dramatic turning point, I have set out to become the strongest I could ever be. Not falling to anyone's standards.

I want to thank all of my friends, MY REAL FRIENDS, for what they have done for me. You have taught how to live again and helped me with so many things. But this is something I must do alone....

Enjoy the poems everyone, I'll get better at my writing as time moves on.
And thank you.. Karoliena somura, for helping me.. Updates


I look into your eyes
You look into mine
I continue loving you deeply
For your spirit is so divine
Body, soul, and your beautiful mind..
Your lips intoxicate me
Like a smooth red wine

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