Jordan Legaspi Biography

Most of the time I am with my self, reading, writing, and most of all watching people in their movement(s) .

Lighting candle is my expression of my in-tense feelings; as it was penned in my poetry.

The different phase of the moon is important to me as my every day journey is; before I will enter the door of death- the shadow of life cast from the cosmic reality of the unknown.

Originally I was from the countryside of the Eastern part of Mindanao, Philippines- the birth place of no very important people of the country's history and that of the whole mankind.
However, there are some truth behind the tribe's name 'Mandaya' or in the English translation 'the first origin'(according to the first catholic priest missionary who studied the origin of the first people settled in the region) : significant as it was/use to be, in their ancient belief- the belief system embedded in their culture and tradition. Together with the different rituals of different incantations portrays wisdom beyond age, but slowly confronted by the demand of 'civilization' and its 'modernity' become less important to my people.

The countryside's experience shaped and molded me into a potent character in the spiritual world. Indeed, this made me to travel just to seek and meet other forces that I know searching their place where to belong.

Jordan Legaspi, is not my real name, in fact this is just one of the names associated to me: M_2859; Redluck-the jester's poet or the jester's poet are among those names I claim.

Jordan Legaspi, is important to me because of its imagery. The 'jordan' is actually one of the three js in my life: Jesus- the Christ; Jester-the court performer; Jordan-the river of mystery. And the 'Legaspi' is my maternal inheritance whose origin is back to the colonial era, of Spanish origin (Sometime spelled Legazpi) .

The whole truth is, I am just like you my dear 'audience' trying to understand the deep contrast in the portrait of black and white, in the character of good and evil, and in the etc of birth and death.
And yet at the end, I am just Me: the jester in the court but the murderer of his king; the poet in the monastery and the shadow of his god.

Come and see...allow your mind to enter into the world of jordan legaspi contoured in his poetry.

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