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1. Walking In The Rain 12/3/2011
2. The Little Who Goes To The Sea 12/3/2011
3. Fireflies 12/3/2011
4. A Choice For Colour 12/3/2011
5. Acceptance In The Mirror 12/6/2011
6. The Witness Of War 12/3/2011
7. Pier Of Loneliness 12/3/2011
8. Words Inside 12/9/2011
9. Love In Clarity 12/9/2011
10. In Your Eyes 1/10/2012
11. The Mask Of Lies 12/3/2011
12. Courage Of War 12/4/2011
13. The Little Dog's Rhyme 12/7/2011
14. Silence 12/8/2011
15. Nation Of Lies And Behind 12/7/2011
16. Symphony For The Night 12/7/2011
17. Oh God 12/3/2011
18. A Sailor's Story, Journey By The Sea. 12/6/2011
19. The Night Train 12/3/2011
20. I Want To Be Free 12/6/2011
21. The Time 12/7/2011
22. The Dark Forest Night 12/6/2011

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The Dark Forest Night

Time moves.
When the sun is swallowed by the darkness over the sky..
And the sky is as red as blood, washed the horizon with shadows of black..
The sky cackled, the birds flying trough,
Aware of the darkness that chasing them.back to the nest in the mountains.

A moon appeared, floating and dangling,
As white as a ghostly face as it appears.

Stars sparkling, scattered
They've moved away from the moon, scared from the shine...

Woods creaked, the sounds of forest was heard
A hoots and whisper's in the darkness
Eyes lurking, many moves appeared behind...

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Oh God

This is the way I've been
full of thorns and stones

I've been lost
Like a blind man in the night
I've been lost
In the darkest hour without light.

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