Jose matias reyes

Rookie (march 6 1994 / El Salvador, San Salvador)

Biography of Jose matias reyes

Jose matias reyes poet

im from el salvador from the capital. i came to the usa in 2000 i was at the age of five. years past by and i was in school as the years proceeded school started to get harder and harder. in middle school i met a girl named katie i thought that she was the one but i was so stupid i should know nothing is forever that u got to fight for what you want. that iif u rly love someone u must act not talk but to say the trueth i never rly loved her so the years roled on and i came upon a girl name jenna and a week went by i broked up with her she wasnt my type then a girl name angela i was sertain she was it but again no and here comes the best part i met a girl name LILLY and i fell in love i never felt love till the day i saw her mmy heart it felt like it flew out of my chest and flew off to the heavens, i first saw her at my last football game and i was in shock to see how beautiful she was. it tortured me because we couldnt be my friend was going out with her and a few months past and i couldnt resist and i told her how i felt about her she told me she felt the same way i cryed for hours because i had never felt the way i felt about lilly it was like my heart was in my throat i couldnt talk i was extremely happy. we hunged out the next day and i asked her if she wanted to be my girl and with a yes my life was changed forever. we have 2 months going out and i dout she will let me down i seriously believe she is the one i am destine to spend the rest of my life with. im in love with lilly its been 1/2 a year with lilly and we are still trucking through all our problems! ! ! :)

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Pienso En Ti

Pienso en ti…
Siempre te guardare como el más
Preciado de los tesoros dentro de mí
Corazón, porque has cambiado mi vida,
Llenaste de amor todo mi entorno.
Tenerte a mi lado ha sido lo más grande
Y hermoso, te amo tanto que cada vez
Que te veo o hablamos mi mundo se
Transforma y se llena de alegría, porque

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