Jose O Hidalgo

Rookie [J.Hidalgo] (04/04/1990 / Somoto, Madriz, Nicaragua)

Biography of Jose O Hidalgo

Born in Nicaragua, I always read the most important poetry from the Nicaraguan poets, among them, 'El principe de las letras Castellanas' Ruben Dario, The Hellenistic and bilingual writer Salomon De la Selva, The 'Poeta loco' or crazy poet Alfonso Cortes, this were my teachers, the poetry I write is as Dario has always asked for poetry to be, Intellectual, not for commoners, but instead a poetry that will increase in people the sense of responsibility for learning and understanding things or concepts, whether of the past or of today, my first language is Spanish, yet I seek to write in English, I hope you enjoy my poems and that you can share with me your thoughts, thanks. Updates

Priceless Smile

Princess of beauty, Lalage! !
Who is the thief of your smile?
The savage beast that holds your heart?
tell me now, cause there is
no price for your smile.

Ethereal dream in my sky,
let me be the humble jester
that crosses your path,
to once again see
you priceless smile.

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