Jose Preciado

Rookie (09-30-1996)

Biography of Jose Preciado

I haven't much to say about my life. It is as every other life I knew. You live and each day you die alittle inside for you know you can accomplish great things but hesitate to do them. As a child I was fascinated by rhymes, intrigued by words, but I never knew how to make words sound as pretty as in a poem. I love poetry it is like music without beats, world without disaster. As I was growing up I never liked to read but never hesitated with a poem. Altough some poems didn't make sence to me at times I would try and figure it out. My dad left when I was 9 and my mother had a full-time job. She took care of my sister, brother, and me. There where some times where she would come home upset because of her stressing and long day at work that she would order us to do a variety if things. At 10 I fell in love, with a poem of course, and this love was followed by a pation for art. There was a time when I would write my feelings in a scrapt book and it would somehow be a poem and they were amazing. But in middle school I lost it and afraid of the world knowing about me I fled to a different school. Now I'm 15 about to be 16 and I continue to write poetry but only for my desires, for me personal gain. I wish to become some sort of doctor when I grow up but if I don't I'll just go for poet. (Modernalist Poet of the 20th century) Updates


Gone and soon forgotten, I wonder about our days.
The special moments were we had nothing to say.
Incredible and ineviteble it slowly fades.
As I try to remember but it slowly goes away.

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