1. Salvages 6/26/2013
2. Lost Twice 7/3/2013
3. More Silence 7/3/2013
4. Tears That Don'T Dry 7/3/2013
5. Rules Are Rules 7/3/2013
6. The Right Offer 7/4/2013
7. Too Grown To Be A Man 7/4/2013
8. Second Thought 7/4/2013
9. The Faces We Know 7/4/2013
10. A Part Of The Story 7/4/2013
11. Partner With My Soul 7/4/2013
12. Old Traveller 7/4/2013
13. Lady Sarah 7/8/2013
14. My World 7/8/2013
15. A New Dawn 5/17/2013
16. All From Above 6/12/2013
17. Woman 6/17/2013
18. The Merchant 6/25/2013
19. No Grudges In Paradise 6/25/2013
20. Four Cherubims 6/25/2013
21. Big Story From A Small Village 6/25/2013

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Big Story From A Small Village

Just as every other,
It was another new day,
But featuring the murder-
Of a helpless prey.

A lonely grandmother
In a small village,
Living not much farther-
Than the hater of her age.

A raging lunatic,
Void of good reasoning;
Proven unromantic
By his fate already drizzling.

While life was good,
In her quiet room-
She ate her tasty food.
Oh! The mad one stroke
And marred without joke-
The granny in her empty house.
“Kocho” she pleaded,
With her both hands lifted;
Her plea was loud
But her voice too low-
To ...

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A New Dawn

Dawning earlier than sunrise
As at the waking of softest dues
Every moment formed before the eyes
Newness calm as the blues

The sky wakes every morning
And says a quiet prayer
Rainny, dry or sunny
With purpose pretty dier

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