1. Salvages 6/26/2013
2. Lost Twice 7/3/2013
3. More Silence 7/3/2013
4. Tears That Don'T Dry 7/3/2013
5. Rules Are Rules 7/3/2013
6. The Right Offer 7/4/2013
7. Too Grown To Be A Man 7/4/2013
8. Second Thought 7/4/2013
9. The Faces We Know 7/4/2013
10. A Part Of The Story 7/4/2013
11. Partner With My Soul 7/4/2013
12. Old Traveller 7/4/2013
13. Lady Sarah 7/8/2013
14. My World 7/8/2013
15. A New Dawn 5/17/2013
16. All From Above 6/12/2013
17. Woman 6/17/2013
18. The Merchant 6/25/2013
19. No Grudges In Paradise 6/25/2013
20. Four Cherubims 6/25/2013
21. Big Story From A Small Village 6/25/2013

Big Story From A Small Village

Just as every other,
It was another new day,
But featuring the murder-
Of a helpless prey.

A lonely grandmother
In a small village,
Living not much farther-
Than the hater of her age.

A raging lunatic,
Void of good reasoning;
Proven unromantic
By his fate already drizzling.

While life was good,
In her quiet room-
She ate her tasty food.
Oh! The mad one stroke
And marred without joke-
The granny in her empty house.
“Kocho” she pleaded,
With her both hands lifted;
Her plea was loud
But her voice too low-
To ...

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No Grudges In Paradise

Of course! No grudges
It is paradise, no orgies

That vacuum of grudge is filled-
With lots of love and wonder;
No plague of hatred,
All that waits there-
Are arms that beckon from afar.

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