Joseph Cross

Rookie (11-27-1991 / Harlan, KY)

Biography of Joseph Cross

To describe Me is to describe insanity, for most of my poetry is based on that theme, which coincidentally was never my original intention. Allow me to simply say that chaos is the key to interesting life. Boredom is overrated, and so I surround myself with interesting people, the ones I can relate to, to find inspiration. Religion also plays a very influential part in my lifestyle. Updates

These Feelings

Within these veins, flows blood so pure, yet I still feel so insecure.
Beyond the land, beyond the sea, there is no way I could be free.
I try to find my own way out, But that isn’t what my life is about.
It’s here for love, faith, and trust, not searching through nails, broken glass, and rust.
I’ve fought my demons and faced my fears, and yet I’ve waited all these years
For this stress to let up.
So, on I go through the valley of pain, trying to see light through the pouring rain,

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