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Max Reif 07 January 2006

I've only just had the time and ability to fully concentrate coincide, so that I was able to peruse a number of Denis' longer works, and also some shorter ones, with the attention they deserve. I have impulses to put on a cyber-sanwich sign and go 'round Poemhunter beating a drum for Denis. The passion he puts into his work makes it impossible for these poems not to arouse passionate interest in the reader, at least THIS reader! Denis mines that wonderful asset for a writer, a difficult childhood. He runs an alchemy shop turning lead into gold, in fact! He also has many extremely memorable lines in his poems, which make it gold studded with gems! As I wrote Denis in comments under some poems, my one suggestion is some of the poems will benefit from a certain intuitive tightening, to lend a bit more of a certain kind of unity. Denis' longest poem (that I've seen) , 'Family Portrait, which left me breathless, but will also, I feel benefit from a bit of 'goldsmith's art', fine tuning. The poem is a torrent of emotion, and would take any poet a lot of time to be able to see freshly and then continue to chisel to (our human approximation of) perfection. I have to say, the torrent itself is a kind of perfection, too. Denis has the potential to be miner, alchemist, and goldsmith. He is a poet of great heart, learning his craft more and more, and what he has to say forces itself out of him and into this reader's mind and heart, as if life itself has had one thing in mind, to give Denis the raw materials for his art. I hope I'm not 'off subject' saying my prayer for Denis is that as he writes and lives, the rich, positive emotions his childhood was poor in, are also being discovered and will continue to be, to nourish him, for though the art is important, the artist is more so.

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Nimal Dunuhinga 11 March 2006

I like him very much for his straightforwardness and kindness.These two are more than enough to be a true poet.I am little worried as I do not know his whereabouts these days.

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Mary Nagy 14 March 2006

Denis, I have enjoyed your poems as well as your friendship and I really wonder where you've gone! I hope you are just taking a vacation from here for a while and then you'll be back full-force! Sincerely, Mary

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Amanda Lukas 08 May 2006

I hope to see you back soon, my dear Denis. You poetry has always been enjoyable and original.

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Jerry Hughes 29 June 2006

I'm not prone to overuse words like genius, or superlative - but the more I read of Denis' work, the more I come to understand what a superb writer he is, and how fortunate we are to share his gift. Write on, Macbeth...

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Alison Cassidy 15 September 2007

Denis Joe is one of the most compelling reasons for being part of this site. Not only is he a fine wordsmith, with a relentless need to inquire and an amazing capacity to surprise, but his contribution via his comments and contribution to the forum is second to none. He is a generous man filled with compassion, brilliance and a complete lack of pretension. He can see the beauty where others don't bother to look. love, Allie xxxxxx

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An erudite talented and (above all) gentleman. I think the world of DJ. t x

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Mary X 10 September 2006

Denis Joe. Although I have not read all of your poetry, I have enjoyed the poetry that I HAVE read. An interesting opinion, a non-elitist outlook, no ignorance.. this describes the man but the only words to describe the poetry (that I have read) is Divinely riveting, down-to-earth and enjoyable. Give this man a read, and not just his poetry - it and he will fill the trees of your mind and your heart with leaves in full blossom.

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Igwe Kalu 16 August 2006

To classify is one delicate action if not horrible I think, whether you're trying to place another or yourself you dont always know what you've done... Denis, u are going to help some people get their head cleared about 'Niggerism.'

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Scarlett Treat 08 August 2006

A touch of the Irish - the soft rain, the green counry, the stormy rebel, and the Blarney Stone - that's Denis Joe! Such a range of interest is bound to make a great writer, because he is never at a loss to find SOMETHING to write about, and he always does it so well. The poetry of Denis Joe is well worth the time to read, and if you get to know the man behind the poems, it is even more worthwhile! I love both the poetry - and the poet. Scarlett

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Joseph Daly Popularity

Joseph Daly Popularity

All Lovely Things

All lovely things will have an ending,
All lovely things will fade and die,
And youth, that's now so bravely spending,
Will beg a penny by and by.

Fine ladies soon are all forgotten,
And goldenrod is dust when dead,
The sweetest flesh and flowers are rotten
And cobwebs tent the brightest head.

Come back, true love! Sweet youth, return!--
But time goes on, and will, unheeding,
Though hands will reach, and eyes will yearn,
And the wild days set true hearts bleeding.

Come back, true love! Sweet youth, remain!--
But goldenrod and daisies wither,
And over them blows autumn rain,
They pass, they pass, and know not whither.

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