joseph freeman Poems

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Living For Tomorrow

I've lived for tomorrow
all of my life
filling the present
with worry & strife;

Lament Of A Hypocrite

Seen of men I bawl & squall.
From my eyes great tears will fall.
All the time I must confess
my life is one big stinking mess.

Walking In The Light

I saw a light from afar one day;
& since it seemed not far away
I thought I'd travel toward the light.
I soon found out it was too bright.

Friends Forever

You're a friend so special.
You're a friend so true.
You're a friend I'll always want.
No matter what you do.


Would you like to know God;
know the joy His presence can give?
have overwhelming peace
when in His presence you choose to live?

Friends Like You

My life sometimes is troubled
with darkness everywhere.
@ times like these it's nice to know
there's always someone there;

What Should I Do Lord?

Life can be so painful LORD;
& so hard to understand.
Especially @ those times
when my problems get out of hand.

What Is Faith?

Faith is knowing You're in control
when my life is falling apart.
Faith is in that quiet assurance
I feel deep within my heart.

I Think Too Much

I think too much for my own good;
never doing the things I should.
I should let God control my life,
let him put an end to all this strife.


Some people have this strange idea
that sanctification is something we do;
but that's not what my Bible says.
It's something God does in you.