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Hi my name is Joseph but I go by Anthony. I am fourteen years old. I love to write, but sometimes it's like I'm incredibly lost. Well I'll be writing pretty often so check for new poems every so often. I have alot of friends some better than others, I like to write about them and their lives more so than mine. If I could be anything when I grow up It would be an actor or writer. Well that's enough for now I beleive...If you want to know more message me, or add me on •) Whelp write to ya later! :) or follow me on twitter http: //! /antgillerlain Updates

Is It My Fault?

Is it my fault your sorrow stays within?
Is it my fault lovers sin?
Is it my fault your emotions spin?
Is it my fault your patience is wearing thin?
Is it my fault the way your lifes been?
Is it my fault that you cant decide when?
Is it my fault you're scared to lose him?
Is it my fault nobody will listen?
Is it my fault I cant stand you every now and then?

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