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Hi my name is Joseph but I go by Anthony. I am fourteen years old. I love to write, but sometimes it's like I'm incredibly lost. Well I'll be writing pretty often so check for new poems every so often. I have alot of friends some better than others, I like to write about them and their lives more so than mine. If I could be anything when I grow up It would be an actor or writer. Well that's enough for now I beleive...If you want to know more message me, or add me on •) Whelp write to ya later! :) or follow me on twitter http: //! /antgillerlain Updates

Mothers Day

Mother may I talk to you today
over the years youve led my way
sacrificing your all
just so I wouldnt fall
The blood Ive bled
the tears Ive shed
You always made better
you were there for my birth and yet
fourteen years later and your still here

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