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Homosexuality In The Old And New Testament

What about homosexuality as an accepted life style in light of this modern age with all its technology, knowledge, psychology and genetic information? Since we are not under the Law of Moses but Grace can’t we be more open-minded? Why do some churches and denominations accept being actively gay all right and others don’t? Shouldn’t we accept all people out of Christian love and not judge them based on their sexual orientation? Isn’t that being bigoted?
These questions are going to constantly come up especially at this time in history. This particular writing is here to answer some of these hard questions with the Bible and the Christian faith.
First we must say that we must distinguish between civil liberties and individual morals and ethics as well as more orthodox Christian churches and gatherings. We are not here to gay bash. We are not under Sharia law. We are not here to make the state a Christian state. We are not here to legislate morality and make the nations into the kingdom of God. Only God can do that! Jesus said “My kingdom is not of this world” letting us clearly know that the nations the Gospel would be preached in were not his kingdom and giving even more clarity to statements he made such as “Render to Caesar the things that are Caesars and to God the things that are Gods”. Individuals have rights in the states they are citizens in and we are not here to diminish those rights. Plus we are not here to expose one sin above another. We have seen groups get out their placards and protest Gays and others they do not agree with, with negative emotions, slurs, bias and without love and care only to do damage rather than good. These same groups leave out greed, gluttony, hatred and many other sins while focusing in on single issues and many see them as hypocrites.
We are writing this not to stir things up and create more controversy but to answer questions with compassion and love. We are here to show what the Holy Scriptures say about sin and repentance and to reinforce our Christian faith as well as answer sincere questions in a doctrinaire that will shed some light on some of these controversial questions of our times.

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