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12 Principles Of Ministry

Introduction to the Principles of Ministry
The Principles of Ministry are written to help people join a group of believers together with essential agreement over some basic principles of the Christian Faith. It must be stated immediately that no writings can ever replace or equal the Holy Scriptures. We are just taking basic essential Bible principles and using them for agreement.
We believe that we must walk in the light as we received it; this means that our local church will have doctrines we believe are in the bible and we want all our ministers to preach the same message in one accord. The principles help us not to have division with new people coming into the church. This does not mean that we consider ourselves the only church with all the correct doctrines and we condemn other churches for not doing things like we do. Our insistence of agreement concerning the principles is on a local level for the sake of unity. We want many ministries to operate in the local church but they all should be in agreement. For instance, lets take open communion – “We preach let a man examine himself” we can’t have one minister allowing people to receive communion based on this doctrine while another minister refuses someone communion because he feels they are living in open sin. We can’t have one minister baptizing by immersion and another minister baptizing by sprinkling. This creates confusion, division, and unnecessary questions to new believers and old believers. The ministry in the local church is to be in one accord. That being said…we do not condemn all other works that do not do things like we do. We do not tell other Christians they are lost and we are saved because they do not do things like we do. We can walk in the light we have received while remaining humble. The good thief on the cross is with Christ forever. He never was baptized, didn’t belong to a church, did not abide by any particular doctrine and certainly did not live as a good Jew. This teaches us the mercy of God and that it is his kingdom and ultimately he will let in whom he will. He has the final word, not man

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