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Election 2012 Obama - Romney

This election between Obama and Romney to me is a water shed and like no other in my life time.
As a Christian I can never accept a vote against universal healthcare, insurance companies rejecting people especially children with pre-existing conditions or making these families and individuals pay over a thousand a month for insurance, pell grants for college students without rich parents or scholarships, the cutting off of food stamps for millions of people who need them across this country, benefits for the poor and working class being cut. I cannot see these things gone or cut as a Christian with ethics of do onto others as you would want others to do onto you. 'The least you do onto the least of these you do onto me' Jesus told us. If Romney gets elected and he stands up against Obama Care and it is over turned then the insurance companies win and during the wrangling in the house and senate pre-existing illness is back and the insurance company gets to dropp people or charge the enormous amounts monthly that working people and poor people can't afford.700,000 thousand foreclosures take place every year in the USA directly based on health insurance. THIS IS WRONG! Israel in the Old Testament had righteous laws for the nation that took care of people not just in a individual sense like a libertarian would say.
A thousand points of light in churches and soup kitchens will never be able to buy poor people health care or provide programs like our government can. I cannot accept as a Christian the dismantling of middle class benefits while the filthy rich are given tax breaks.
The right wing of today has become cold and evil and as a Christian I am now standing against them. I consider their perspective and propositions to be worldly in the worse sense of the word. They have been infiltrated with horrible doctrines not coming from the Lord or the Word of God.

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