Joseph Oliver

Rookie (4-9-1994 / Indianola, MS)

Biography of Joseph Oliver

Joseph Oliver poet

I moved to Indiana when I was seven, and grew up to be adopted by my step-mother. I am a ham radio operator working with the Amateur Radio Emergency Services(ARES) . I am 18 and am going to join the
Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Services(RACES) in less than a month!

My favorite quote is by Gina Damico.....

'Life isn't fair, why should death be any different? ' Updates

Being Courageous

I wander the world of nightmares alone,
I step through gates of fear,
and into the darkness clear,
pain stabs at me with a million knives,
but I don't show any signs.
And you think of me as 'Being Courageous'!

I swim through the sea of hungered sharks,
Each one follows me and awaits my demise,

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