Joseph Oliver

Rookie (4-9-1994 / Indianola, MS)

Joseph Oliver Poems

1. Ex Suco Et Lamentum 12/30/2011
2. Sub Noctus Rosa 1/24/2012
3. The Song Of The Fallen 1/24/2012
4. We'Ll All 1/30/2012
5. Yet Again I Rise 2/2/2012
6. In Ceciderunt Angeli Plangite 2/21/2012
7. Ornatu Lucis 4/16/2012
8. In Ballad De Alter 4/16/2012
9. The Unknown Sonnet 4/16/2012
10. The Vampire's Rising 4/30/2012
11. The Angel's Fall 5/16/2012
12. The Curse Of The Eternals 5/16/2012
13. Sonnet 3 5/16/2012
14. Both Bound By Potent Lies 5/17/2012
15. How Am I To Save You Now? 5/17/2012
16. Devil's Kiss 8/22/2012
17. What Is Left Of Me 9/6/2012
18. You Are 9/17/2012
19. The Succubus's Kiss 9/28/2012
20. Morning Calls, Evening Falls 10/1/2012
21. The Unknown Savior 10/3/2012
22. Fulminata 10/30/2012
23. Sub Amor's Tempest 2/6/2013
24. My Heart Aches For You My Love 8/22/2012
25. Te Cor Meum Et Amorem Meum 4/16/2012
26. Anima Ignis (Soul Fire) 11/28/2012
27. Being Courageous 1/24/2012
28. Don'T Tread On Me! 2/25/2013

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Best Poem of Joseph Oliver

Don'T Tread On Me!

United we Stand, Divided we Fall!
We fought to defend this Land!
And We will obey it's fighting Call!
For we Live in America, A land of the Brave,
But even those in Iron Shackles will be made free!
And then We'll say "Don't Tread on Me! "

Freedom comes at a price of blood,
So why let People into our country like an invasive flood?
We say invade their land, Oh Mexico, Please stay south of the Rio Grande!
We let idiots into office, When we should be Letting in our Heroes of war!
But Then again saying that would offend each other, and make our...

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We'Ll All

We'll all live,
We'll all die,
We'll all give,
We'll all lie,
We'll all feel pain,
We'll all rejoice,
We'll all have gain,
We'll all have a choice
We'll all feel,

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