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Rookie [joseph isaiah rodriguez] (7/20/97 / salinas)

Biography of Joseph Rodriguez

i writing these poems for three loved ones. two are still alive and the other one is dead. the two that are alive live in california in different places. one lives in Mercedes and the other one that i think lives in is sacrament. in mercedes is my mom who i separated when i was young and have not seen her since. the one in sacramento, is my brother who i got separated when i was four years old and we all tried to keep a close connection but my other parents just push them away from me. the one that is dead, he name was maria Sanchez and she died on valentines 3 years ago. my parents here said she wasn't real, but the things we did together was real and is true. these are all for the loved ones lost or are gone forever.

Joseph Rodriguez's Works:

i would loved to publish my poems or story into a book or something small so when my mom gets the book she knows i'm still here for her and my family can reunite once again. Updates

Love Is Everywhere

love is a feeling that conquers everything and lives in everyone
you can't get rid of it because you don't want it or you don't have love
everyone has a different kind of feeling for love and you will never be done
you'll always have feelings for that special someone and could never get enough
that someone is waiting for you and you want to meet them so don't give up on them
your getting closer and you want to be with them very bad and don't want that someone to go away forever
so listen t

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