Joseph T. Renaldi Poems

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Free Gifts Of Spring

Spring promises forsythia
To grow hearty along the road,
A sufficient amount of rain and sunshine
For the sturdy lilac bushes to unfold.

Prom Night

I remember the petite girl I asked to the prom,
The girl with a big, funny bow in her hair.
And still, I can see the gentle smile on her face
When she responded with tenderness and care.

Awaiting The Challenge

I can see cows grazing on the lush pasture.
I can see fields of corn and golden grain,
And I can hear a family of ducks quacking
In a welcomed and gentle, Summer rain.

As Children Grow

As children grow - instill a sense of belonging,
A warm heart - love a close-knitted family brings,
Reverent words - a belief in the Supreme Maker,
Appreciation of nature and all beautiful things.

Guardian Angel

You never stand alone
When your guardian angel is always near,
During the moments of trials and tribulation,
You will never be overcome with fear.

Relying On A Mother's Advice

When you are confronted with personal problems,
And your life is in despair,
Just think of the advice given by your mother,
For her words of wisdom are always there.

A Thanksgiving Wish

More than a happy Thanksgiving
We wish you this year.
More than a festive, social gathering
With your loved ones so dear.

Old Yearbook

There is a bit of nostalgia remembering
The school days that used to be,
As I turn my old yearbook pages slowly
Attempting to live again in fond memory.

Memory Lane

As I sat on the glider on the front porch
And watched the attractive twilight glow,
I took an imaginary trip down memory lane
And envisioned the colorful flowers in a row.

Mother Nature

The golden wheat field is an elaborate sight
On a warm, breezy summer day,
And white - capped waves as they thrash the coastline
Of a sea that is gloomy and gray