Joseph T. Renaldi Poems

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Joy Of Victory-Agony Of Defeat

Out on the gridiron one Autumn day,
The local football team was leading all the way,
Considered as underdogs at the onset of the game,
Forced their opponent's hope for victory to wane,

Martin Luther King

They said, 'He is only an impractical visionary, '
And passed him by with a sneer or sneaky smile,
But his non violence rhetoric fashioned a dream
That made his life prominent and more worth while.

Peace At Last

All is quiet along the devastative land,
As the exhausted combatants rest.
The dark war clouds dissipate in the sky,
While a lasting peace is the primary quest.

Search For Utopia

Envision a feeling of peace and harmony
Just floating there in outer space,
Over the dormant craters of the moon,
Searching for Utopia in a wondrous place.

Do Not Stop

Years of experience have taught us much,
But there were many things we couldn't touch.
We aimed our Ship of Destiny into calm weather
To pick up the pieces and mend them together.

County Fair

I strolled through the County Fairgrounds,
Deserted and enveloped by the sun's rays.
There came to me the fond memories
Of the County Fairs of bygone years.

Holiday Spirit

Hopefully, the Holiday Spirit filled your heart
With affection and tenderness every day
To bring you peace and everlasting harmony
In every unique and pleasant way.

Modern Nationalism

National consciousness linger through the days,
Loyalty and devotion displayed in many ways,
Exalting the Nation - creating many dreams,
Faces with pride that always seem to beam,

Glory Of Summer

Oh, those glorious days of summer!
Oh, those memorable days gone by!
The words from an excited lip,
The luster of a child's eye.

A Time For Relaxation