Joseph T. Renaldi

Veteran Poet - 1,154 Points (Frackville, Pennsylvania)

Joseph T. Renaldi Poems

121. Enchantment Of Summer 2/18/2009
122. Thoughts Of You 2/23/2009
123. A Yearly Calendar 2/23/2009
124. Finding Peace 2/23/2009
125. Seeking Faith 2/23/2009
126. A Need For Love 2/28/2009
127. Love In My Prayers 3/5/2009
128. Be Tenacious 4/6/2009
129. Stand Proud And Tall 4/8/2009
130. Dancing At The Rainbow Grill 4/9/2009
131. Live And Love Together 6/8/2009
132. Beneath The Sod 6/8/2009
133. Thoughts Of Peace 6/12/2009
134. A Time For Swimming 6/24/2009
135. A Role Of A Peace Dove 6/26/2009
136. A Moral Assertion 4/13/2009
137. Cries For Peace 7/8/2009
138. Lingering Shadows 7/9/2009
139. Westward Ho 7/10/2009
140. Purpose Of A Church 7/18/2009
141. A Matter Of Choice 7/18/2009
142. Environmental Challenge 7/19/2009
143. Caress Me 7/19/2009
144. Power Of Prayer 7/22/2009
145. A Leisurely Walk 7/23/2009
146. Fond Memories Of Nature 7/23/2009
147. Sleep Soundly 7/24/2009
148. A Honorable Marriage 7/25/2009
149. A Spiritual Existence 7/25/2009
150. A Devotion To God 7/30/2009
151. A Humane Deed 8/2/2009
152. Show Me The Way 8/3/2009
153. A Painful Journey 8/30/2009
154. Aftermath Of War 9/15/2009
155. Something About A Toyland 9/25/2009
156. A Transformation Of The Trees 7/16/2009
157. Bells Of Christmas 12/8/2009
158. If We Only Could 3/28/2010
159. Memories Of Spring 4/9/2010
160. Lindsay's Old Doll 4/9/2010

Comments about Joseph T. Renaldi

  • Tracker Ogryphon (2/14/2008 2:25:00 PM)

    Hello Mr. Renaldi. I too am a Veteran. I just read your magnificent poem 'Plight of Veterans'. Keep up the good work. I to am a Veteran.

    Take Care.

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  • Ruby Root (7/13/2006 11:47:00 PM)

    Joseph you are compassionate, kind and caring person. You write with uniquness and with originality. You are talented poet, I enjoy being on your site.

  • Lare Austin (2/16/2005 6:52:00 PM)

    Hi Joe...I just finished reading your poem, 'America's Plight'. This piece beams with inspiration and determination...and strives for a just end goal. Who wouldn't appreciate its message? Good rhythm, too. Well done, Joe. Well done...

    Just me, Lare

  • Lare Austin (2/5/2005 9:14:00 PM)

    Hi Joe...I just read your poem, 'The Snowstorm' is an absolutely delightful read. This has very soothing and warming images. Very well done...

    Lare Austin

Best Poem of Joseph T. Renaldi

Once Upon An Autumn Day

Once Upon an autumn day,
Colorful leaves began to fade
In the midst of a chilly, frosty air
As multitude of trees grew steadily bare.

Once upon an autumn day,
The whispering breeze was here to stay
Moving aimlessly through the countless trees
Scattering leaves with the greatest of ease.

Once upon an autumn day,
The leaves whirled freely in every way,
Until at last they came to rest
Finding a haven in which to nest.

Once upon an autumn day,
The trees were dormant, and the leaves lay
Waiting for the winter snow to fall
To quickly ...

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My darling.
The twilight shadows will soon fall,
I hear the bugle's shrill call,
And my thoughts are meandering far,
To the village where you are.
My heart has no song,
And the night seems dreary and long.
Then as I view your life from afar,
Lo - I see you in each heavenly star.

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