Joseph T. Renaldi Poems

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A Devoted Teacher

A teacher will guide you in many ways,
Displaying patience and inspiring hope,
A knowledgeable person with a spirited soul,
Preparing you to be in a position to always cope,

Autumn Days

Leaves are falling slowly to the ground,
Coated in gold, yellow, and crimson as well,
A spectacular, yearly event presented by nature,
Bidding the summer days a glorious farewell.

Coping With Life

We encounter smiles, encounter tears
Throughout the journey of life.
Sometimes the days are bright and promising,
And then come the unbearable days of strife.

Horrors Of War

War created many sorrows
That the victims had to endure,
Misery and mass destruction
And the lack of security even more.

A Compassionate Heart

I have eyes that I can see
The work that can be done by me.
I have ears that enable me to hear
The voices of those who live in fear.

My Beloved Dog

Today, while I sit in my chair to rest,
I reminisce again the time I love best.
In my mind's eye once more I can see,
My mother is giving a Schnauzer puppy to me.

The Weeping Willow Trees

As I walk through the fields so free,
My thoughts run deep inside of me.
I stop and ponder on the ground I tread
And saw the weeping willow trees straight ahead.

A Tranquil Moment

Standing near a window gazing at the waking sun,
I envision a place where the land meets the sea.
My thoughts disintegrating like raindrops after a shower,
It's just the ocean and sand beckoning me.

The Crocus

I saw a purple crocus today,
Though it barely could be seen,
While all around was white,
And the landscape seemed to gleam.

A Caring Friend

When I'm in need of encouragement,
On you I can always rely.
I merely need to seek your help
And you are willing and standing by.