Joseph Walden

Rookie - 275 Points (10-24-1980 / orange county)

Biography of Joseph Walden

Born in California, moved to Reno Nevada the summer of 87. Grew playing sports, had some success and threw it all away during the beginning of college while on a scholarship for baseball. Basically I loved alternative studies like the paranormal. I survive because there is a caring family around me. I install solar, do a little carpenter work, construction, I have fished in Alaska which was an adventure and so on. These days I am obviously still alive so am thankful for that. Updates

Leopard Cat

Pleasuring the purr of the goddess,
Blue fire flowing upon the breath,
Purple threaded love dancing on the moon,
Glowing yellow fire
Deep up in the souls womb,
Princess of thy desire
Upon the diamond lights,
Immersed in Terra Nova's rainbow delights,
Forever the shadow upon your light,

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