Joseph Wilford

Rookie (10.28.65 / Iowa)

Biography of Joseph Wilford

Joe Wilford is primarily a musician; singer, songwriter and guitarist. He has been in several bands: The Poetry Revolution, Shakespearian Headshop, The Belfast, Logic Downwards, Jericho Hill, The Trailside Rangers, and The Boomchasers are a few. He has completed numerous solo projects and collaborations with other musicians as well. Among these are Acoustic Amatory, Bridges, Sonic Revelations and most recently, Portrait of the Artist-Steuben.

Inspired by the somewhat limited confines of lyrical storytelling, he has also written several short stories. Writing lyrics and stories have always come naturally, poetry has not. This is his first collection of poems. Updates

Chaos And Consequences

“Are you sure that’s him? ” the cop asked.
He was a real cowboy, this one.
Out of place.
“Sure I’m sure, ” I said.
“I’ll never forget that face.”
It was true.
The stark, wide eyes of fear like amazement.
A bewildering sense of power and control within them
And the terror of wielding it

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