Joseph William McGarry

Rookie (01/03/1988 / Glasgow)

Biography of Joseph William McGarry

Poetry is more of a little hobby i have, It's my own way to show people how strong i feel,95% of my poems were influenced by love, take this in great respect, what you can achieve with love.

Most of my poems were written between when i was 16-18.

You might be able to tell which are from the younger ages if you read closely.

Thank you for all your comments.

P.S I rarely log onto the site unless i'm submitting a new piece so i apologise if i do not reply to any comments. Updates


Now your gone, My life is free
Wish i'd known what you wanted me to be

But every day I think about you,
Can’t seem to get you out of my head
Try so hard not to let you go
But it seems like your becoming past tense

When you passed away,

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