Josephine Ampofo

Rookie [Ewurabena] (11th Sep.1990 / Accra -Ghana)

Biography of Josephine Ampofo

am a lady with the love of emotional poetry, art, and design am ambitious and will love to learn from others to improve upon my art, design, and writing skills. Updates

Lonely Again

As i sat down to think of u, i looked up into the sky, and saw a wishing star...
I made a wish, not just one wish, but a lot of them:

i wished i could see u all day, i wished u could hold me close to your heart. I wished u could look straight into my eyes and smile at me, i wished u could kiss me passionately and make me melt like wax, i wished u could whisper into my ears sweet words that will turn me on, i wished u could lay in bed wit me to keep my bed warm.

I kept wishing til i could

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