Josephine DixonBanks Poems

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Pardon Me For Being A Woman

Your arduous desires were like condensation
When thngs got hot evaporation
Coming home to me is a drag
When I try to get your attention, I’m a nag

Wide World Of Intellectual Iliteracy-Wwii

Slavery Institutionalized Slavery

You didn’t take me away from aplace
You extricated me from a sacred space Me

I Am The M.A.N. Manifested Attitude In & Of Nature

I Am the incomparable female
My mistakes never fail
With existence I do entail
The unwritten consciousness

Make A Crying Woman Cry Harder

Because I closed my eyes to reality my whole world became a phantasy
I spent my life in an artificial situation
I gave my sincere love to a false-hearted man

Ancestral Woman

I was never child
My maternal granny called me an old, old soul
I seen time come and go
I gave birth to giving birth

The New Inner-City Slave Plantation

The now-a-day slave or labor force
The ruling-class determines the course
The political master’s pastor contorts
Politics and policy aborts

Educated Ignorance

I pledge allegiance to mass mentality
The dark ages masquerading as individuality
A clone is the throne of your mind

Job Proposal

The community has no immunity from the systematic demise
Of inner city enterprise

This demise creates economic development for administrations

Rhe Allegory Of Me

Vested endurance, confidence sublime
I Am my forerunner of being divine
Inheriting self-realization purchased by time
Born of my being, the ancient mime

Book-Smart Vs Mother-Wit

We think and cogitate like our trainers
They keep our spirits in institutionalized containers
Mentality cloning must constantly work us
Like trained animals in a circus