Josephine J.W

Rookie (October 13th,1995 / Somewhere Over the Rainbow)

Biography of Josephine J.W

I'm thirteen years old and live in Reading, England. I started writing when I was eight years old, and have since then had only a few dry spells. I started out with short stories, and the occasional rhyme...all of my early writings are strictly contraband, until the day I can really laugh over them. I started writing poetry just over a year ago...and I haven't stopped since then, except for the usual dry spells.

I'm a dreamy and a Libran, my passion is poetry.

Josephine J.W's Works:

I wish. :) Updates

The Station

Wandering aimlessly at the misty station
Lugging a velvet heart-shaped case
Listening numbly to the conductor's whistle
Trudging past endless grey with dreary pace
Clutching in your palm a wrinkled ticket
And grasping in the other a padded handle
You glance down at your beating heart
And continue on in your doleful ramble.

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