Josey Tom

Biography of Josey Tom

Graduated in liberal arts from Christ College, Bangalore, the poet hails from Alappuzha, the smallest district of Kerala.He is currently pursuing an International Relations from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi.He has published some of his poems in poemhunter and others are yet to be published.He loves reading, writing and travelling.

Josey Tom's Works:

Awaiting publishers Updates

My Story

It was a Notebook...
Neatly bound, crisp and antiseptic
Parents took him to the Church
The nuns kissed him and the priests blessed him
Then, the Notebook was taken to the School.
The Science teacher ignored it,
The English teacher drew a star and a smiley on it
But the Mathematics teacher threw it in the Dustbin;
the Dustbin of Fools.

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