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Rookie (2-25-90 - whenever the fuck i want / HELL)

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21 now peeps! ! !

and the poem i wrote on 10/28 was written off the top of my head and i was pissed off incase you couldn't tell

And thank you too all that enjoyed my poems and commented with all good things (5-9-11)

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yeah right! ! ! I barely read books... Updates


**wrote this to someone and they wrote me a poem in response to this one so i responded to their poem with my other poem titled 'Never' so it would be best to read that next**

Remember all the fun times we shared?
Remember how much you said you cared?
Remember you said you never lied?
Remember how you always cried?
Remember how much you were on my mind?
Remember how I held your hand when you were scared?
Remember how much I cared?

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