Josh Mitteldorf Biography

I started on a career path toward theoretical physics, and was waylaid by the cultural transformation of the 60s and a year in Taiwan, beginning a lifelong love affair with China. After finishing a PhD in physics, I went on to develop software and raise two girls, among the first adopted from China in the 1980s.

Currently I do research in the evolutionary biology of cooperation, and study aging in particular: How is it that evolution which is supposed to be so concerned about making us strong and fertile has arranged for us to die? My book on the subject is Suicide Genes

I put in some time each week sounding the alarm about America's colonial wars and descent into fascism. I am an activist around issues you can't read about in the paper: stolen elections, the hollow lies of the War on Terror, state-sponsored assassination.

I have taught a weekly yoga class since 1983. My 'anti-blog' at Daily-Inspiration is a personal mix of poetry, music, science and uplifting stories.

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