Josh Weiss

Rookie (8/1/1988 / Chicago)

Josh Weiss Poems

1. The Shadow 6/14/2006
2. Away 6/14/2006
3. The Watch 6/14/2006
4. Rise 6/14/2006
5. Lust 6/14/2006
6. Love 6/14/2006
7. Ironic Pain 6/14/2006
8. Silence 6/14/2006
9. The Beat 6/14/2006
10. What Babies Dream 6/14/2006
11. Blasphemy 6/14/2006
12. Man's Best Friend 6/14/2006
13. Cain And Abel 7/13/2006
14. Man 7/31/2006
15. In Times 8/13/2006
16. Snow Storm 8/23/2006
17. I Tried 2/21/2007
18. Saint Of Sin 7/31/2006
19. Angels 6/14/2006
20. Truth 8/23/2006
Best Poem of Josh Weiss


Truth, what is truth? And is it aloof?
And if it is, where is the proof?
Is it something that comes in a revelation,
Does it follow some grand divine presentation?
And does truth stay the same through time,
Is there even truth within this rhyme?
Is it relative, only within the mind,
Or is it in objectivity that truth we find?
Is it the “veritas” that Pilate did mutter,
Or the unknowable forms Socrates did utter?
Truth, what is truth? Can it be found?
Will truth in our ears ever make a sound?

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The Watch

Darkening, the western sky grows weary of light,
And with the shift of a great shadow comes the night.
A chilling wind whispers across the great plain,
As rolling clouds thunder and begin to rain.
Falling cold rain – like tears of the blest –
For the heart of man within his breast.
Piteous tears falling far from on high,
From the kingdom of light within the sky,
That quivers in a torrential choke of sorrow,

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