Josh Woods

Rookie (9-20-92 / Dallas)

Biography of Josh Woods

My name is Josh Woods, but I go by Munkey.
I'm 15 years old. I love poetry and love writing poems. I started writing poems wen my Great Grandmother passed away. That was a hard time for me. Becuase I was so close to her.
The very first peom i wrote was to her and it was call, 'she will make it.'
Alot of people make fun of me, becuase I write poetrry but i dont let that bother me I let it inspire me.
Now alot of my poems her dark and thats because when I lived with my mom, she always kicked me out of the house for no reason at all. Made me feel unwanted, and unloved. She hated me because Im black and I listen to rock. She told me my dreaams was worthless and I was worthless. But I just let all that stuff build me up.
Right now I have 2 poems posted on here working on posting more.
thanks for your time.

You can find me on myspace Updates

Broken Hearts

Broken Hearts

Love falls from the sky tonight
So does Broken Hearts
Leaving just a memory
This picture painting on the wall
Reminds me of you
The love we had for each other was indescribable

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