joshua coley

Rookie (12/14/89, when ever the hell i feel like dieing / texas)

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well where do i begin, im' 18 and about 6'5' or something around there.i listen to alot of different kinds of music actually what ever i'm in the mood to listen to.i've been in a wheelchair since i was 13{please don't ask me why}.what i like to do in my spear time well i do what normal 18 year olds do{play video games, hangout with my friends, read, help my grandpa out with his 64 nova that he races and smoke weed}.what kind of movies do i like well i'll watch just about anything including chick flicks if there any good.if theres anything els you want to know about me then just ask.

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As i sit here in my back yard
i start to think about what went wrong,
why you could love him more than me
and as these thoughts are going though my
hand my hand reaches down to pick up my
dad 9mm and as i bring it to my head i let out
one final tear befor i pull the trigger.

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