joshua coley

Rookie (12/14/89, when ever the hell i feel like dieing / texas)

Biography of joshua coley

well where do i begin, im' 18 and about 6'5' or something around there.i listen to alot of different kinds of music actually what ever i'm in the mood to listen to.i've been in a wheelchair since i was 13{please don't ask me why}.what i like to do in my spear time well i do what normal 18 year olds do{play video games, hangout with my friends, read, help my grandpa out with his 64 nova that he races and smoke weed}.what kind of movies do i like well i'll watch just about anything including chick flicks if there any good.if theres anything els you want to know about me then just ask.

joshua coley's Works:

none at the moment Updates

Drunk Drivers

As i step out the door my friends yell back at me to drive safe
as i get into my car and pull out i'm side swipe.all i can make out
from the images that come and go as i loose and regain my sight
are the cops and the firemen who are now lifting me on to a stretcher
and my mom who is by my side crying her eyes out.all i can say is 'mom
and didn't deserve this' i was a good kid and all i had to drink was a root beer.
but now i cant even have that cause i'm up in heaven with god.

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