joshua daukei

Rookie (may 30 1991 / monett MO)

Biography of joshua daukei

my name is joshua im 19 yrs old i live in monett MO.the reason i wright is to express myself the reason of this is because my past isnt the best in the world i have made one to many wrong turns nut now im on a good path and am starting over and i have to say i like it well i got to go text me thats when i get a new phone Updates

Who Am I

Keep changing rearranging myself
Just trying to fit in a world where I don’t
Seem to belong what I was is gone
Just don’t know myself caught up in a lie
Lost who I am or was to be
Can’t you see what this world has done to me
But I blame myself of what I am
And what I’ve done to myself forgetting who I once
Was at a point that has long since past

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